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Hi, I am Jim Blask, the founder of Blask Media. Photography has been a passion of mine for most of my life. I remember being a kid in the late eighties and early nineties,  going to Ritz Camera in the mall with my parents. I loved looking at all the cameras, I knew then I would be a photographer one day. I would day dream of being a photo journalist. When I was in high school, my favorite class was photography. There was something beautiful about shooting and developing your own photos in a darkroom. In my mind, I would become the next Ansel Adams.

Well life happens and dreams get put on hold and sometimes forgotten. I moved into my own apartment senior year of high school, which was rough on me. Then 9/11 happened and the world changed. Like many others, I felt a call to duty. I joined the United States Marine Corps and became a jet engine mechanic. I would get married shortly after and have a child together. She was our miracle baby, she was the one that finally made it.  After I got out of the service, life would change once again. I would struggle to find my place in life. I was going to college and trying to keep my marriage together.

Eventually you learn things don’t always work out. My marriage was in a constant tail spin and wasn’t healthy for either of us. We eventually would part ways from one another I would go back to repairing jet engines.  Sometimes we hold each other back from becoming the person we are meant to be. So sometimes you have to know when to fold your cards before you go down that proverbial rabbit hole.

Fast forward a couple of years later, I found an amazing woman who saw something in me. She convinced me to follow my dreams and get back to my roots. No matter how many times I told her providing for the family is more important, she told me I deserved to be happy and we would figure things out. Five years later we are happily married  with a second child  and a small business.

I have recently graduated with my second degree in Graphic Design. I am just about as passionate about graphic design as I am about photography. While i make my living from the both of them, I do have hopes that I will change someones world someday. I hope that I will create a piece of art that will have a positive affect on someone’s day or even life. I wish to pass the gift that has been passed onto me through so may others art.

Yours Eternally,

Jim Blask


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Take a look at what you're looking at

Jay Maisel

My family recently had the opportunity to visit The Midwest Railway Preservation Society. Ever since I can remember, my father has had a passion for trains like no other. The basement had a train set from when he grew up in the 1950’s and 60’s. He would drag us to train museums as kids. At the time I felt like it was dragging, I never shared his passion. I honestly dreaded the thought of the mere sight of another train.

I am now In my mid 30’s and have successfully stayed away from trains since I was a teenager. A couple months ago my father said there was an open house for the Midwest Railway Preservation Society. He asked if I would like to go along with him. At first I started to cringe, but then the light bulb turned on. With having a passion for photography, I thought this would be a nice opportunity for me. So I agreed to go and see things from my perspective this time.

I am really glad I did, for once I was able to enjoy my time looking at trains. I found a way to incorporate my passion with my father’s. Part of my style of photography, is showing people the things they miss when its right in front of them. It was a lesson I learned again myself that day. I missed so many beautiful details all those years, because I couldn’t get passed my own self. As human beings we are constantly getting in our own way.

So what’s the life lesson here you ask. The lesson here is that it’s okay if our children don’t share our passion. It’s okay if our parents don’t share ours. As parents its our job to cultivate our children’s passions and find a way to connect with them through ours. If we don’t open our minds up, we could be missing out on many opportunities with our kids.

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Farm to Table Event

Often searching out the graphical symmetry in chaos, while still maintaining the personality and emotion of the subject. The excitement and anticipation as we waited to see the next piece of unpredictable chaos was electric.

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