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James was the photographer at a clients wedding I coordinated. He did such a wonderful job capturing the day, I know my bride was thrilled. But what I really wanted to come here to say was that James is just a nice guy who was so laid back and just in the moment. That's the kind of photographer I like for my clients. I didn't have to worry about what he was capturing because he got it all and with style. Thanks James! I hope to work together again soon!

Diana Katz-Warner

I got married a little less than a year ago and James was the photographer at our wedding. He was AWESOME! I didn't have to worry about "what pictures to take" because he knew what was needed. We were able to discuss our opinion with him without any issues and he had no problem with ideas we threw at him. Super easy to work with! Overall amazing experience !

Savannah Kankula

When my husband and I tied the knot, James was our photographer. He did an amazing job taking the photos and getting them to us fairly quickly afterwards. He was very polite and helped us remember that special day. Thank you so much!

Victoria Murdoch