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My Story

Since I can remember, the arts have always captured my soul. Whether it was going to a museum to look at the classics or listening to a beautiful song. There is something so transcendent about immersing oneself into the beauty of life. For me it connects my soul to something greater that I can’t explain.

Photography is how I choose to express myself and share the beauty of the world others. I have had a passion for the art for longer than I can remember. As a teenager, I was blessed to have the opportunity to learn the art of film and have access to a dark room.

After high school, I entered the service and went down a different path for a while. Years later I rekindled my passion again as I entered the digital age of photography. I worked full time and went to back to school for the arts. I now hold multiple degrees and certificates in Graphic Design and Photography. I am just about as passionate about graphic design as I am about photography.

While I make my living from the both, I do have hopes that I will change someone’s world someday. I hope that I will create a piece of art that will have a positive effect on someone’s day or even life. I wish to pass the gift that has been passed onto me through so many others art.

Yours Eternally

JimBlask – Lead Creative Ninja

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”

– Ansel Adams